New Translation Law: The Right to Interpretation in Court & Receiving Legal Advice

The right to interpretation and translation in court and when receiving legal advice for all EU citizens.

new translation law

Thanks to a new directive that has been made law for all EU citizens, people arrested or accused of a crime now have the right to interpretation at the cost of the state in all courts in the union and when receiving legal advice. Before, this cost could be left to the individual. It should now be only a matter of time before this law begins to be implemented across all of the EU member states.

This new right applies throughout criminal proceedings and includes when receiving legal advice. The law was introduced to ensure full compliance with the standards provided by the European Convention on Human Rights. Translation costs will now have to be met by the member state as opposed to the suspect.

The Commission stated that said that the right to translation and interpretation was the first of a series of fair trial measures to set common EU standards for criminal cases.

Translation is an important service and often comes into play within the legal systems in many different ways. Interpreters and translators are required to follow certain procedures for translation of documents – such as legalisation of documents and sometimes certifying the document with an Apostille stamp, and it’s important to choose the right translators.

This new law being passed may mean more work and more jobs for interpreters and translators, not only in Ireland but across Europe. If you’re a translation company, or an individual looking for translation services, make sure the organisation you choose has all of the necessary qualifications and experience.

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