Happy Christmas – Счастливого Рождества

Happy Christmas or Счастливого Рождества!

For this festive time of year, and as many of us will be on holidays from this evening, I thought I’d share some Russian Christmas treats – starting with this wonderful Russian Christmas Carol. However, if you want to know what the words mean, you’ll still have to contact us for a professional translation 😉 It also contains some beautiful Russian scenes.

In Russia, Christmas is not widely celebrated on the 25th of December as it is here in Ireland, but on the 7th of January, keeping in line with the Orthodox calendar. New Year’s Day, on January first is also a big holiday and to many Russians, an even bigger celebration than the 7th.

Some Orthodox traditions are similar to those across Easter Europe such as a white table cloth and hay to serve as a reminder of Christ’s manger. A meal that does not contain any meat is sometimes prepared for Christmas Eve and eaten after the appearance of the first star in the sky.

In Russia, Santa Claus has a different name too, we call him Ded Moroz, meaning ‘Father Frost’ and he is accompanied by the Snow Maiden – Snegurochka.

What are your Christmas traditions? Have you some you’ve developed as a family over the years? Or perhaps you celebrate in the same way as your grandaprents and great grandparents did? Leave your responses in the comments below so we can share in the spirit of the holiday together.


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