The Irish Russian Business Association

Working as a translator is a great opportunity for networking with companies and individuals from overseas. Consistently working with other nationalities and languages keeps our minds open to the world as a global market and the opportunities outside of the Emerald Isle. We’ve come to see the importance of clear communication and an understanding for foreign cultures. Translators and interpreters don’t just translate words and documents after all, it’s imperative we understand context and cultural nuances.

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But you don’t have to be working as a corporate translator to get learn more about trade and relationships with other countries and many organisations in Ireland offer the opportunity to do this in formal and informal situations. One of these is the Irish Russian Business Association.

The IRBA (Irish Russian Business Association) ) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting economic links and trade between Ireland and Russia as well as related markets. They are member funded and driven by volunteer engagement. Their primary activities include educating members through events, connecting with the market and peers, assisting on policy by engaging with related public bodies and organisations.

This year, the organisation has already published a provisional list of events for 2014 that you can engage with as a member. Got suggestions? That’s great too as they welcome feedback and suggestions.

Upcoming events for 2014 at the IRBA

  • Old New Year Networking Lunch with the new Irish Ambassador to the Russian Federation H.E. Mr Eoin O’Leary
  • Business Breakfast as part of the Festival of Russian Culture
  • Annual General Meeting + Business Lunch
  • Research Launch
  • CIS focused Business Breakfast
  • Russian Business Forum
  • Mid-summer Informal Drinks & Networking Session
  • Networking Lunch
  • Business Breakfast
  • JEC Roundtable Briefing
  • Christmas Lunch

If are not already a member, but would like to be you can sign up  online here.

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