Famous Russian Artist, Wassilly Kandinsky

For an injection of culture to get you ready for the weekend, we thought we’d take a quick look at one of Russia’s greatest artists, Wassily Kandisnksy.

Wassilly Kandinsky

Kandinksy was born in Russia in 1866 and is credited with being one of the world’s first purely abstract painters. He believed art and spirituality had great connections and as well as being a painter, wrote theory that was and still is widely read by many artists, art critics and people interested in the cross over between the arts and our spiritual selves.

At one time, Kandinsky likened painting to composing music and it’s now believed the artists actually had something called Synaesthesia; a condition where a person experiences more than one sense at a time in an experience. It’s a difficult one to explain, but Kandinsky could hear colours and see sounds. Other people with synaesthesia may ‘taste’ sounds and there are other variations of this cross sensory experience reported by others. It’s possible that many of us experiences the world in this way as infants, but that later on, our brains change causing this to fade away. Kandinsky, for whatever reason, was left with the ability to interpret life on multiple levels simultaneously, which may have helped with his theory and writing as well as his paintings.

The interest in the importance of both sound and imagery in Kandisnky’s work, led to the curation of a show where his paintings were expressed with music, alongside projections of some of his greatest works. Check it out below. And have a wonderful weekend.

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