Dear Russians, Welcome to Ireland

Settling in to a new country can be a challenge. You arrive with great excitement and enthusiasm for a new way of life, new people and maybe an interesting new job and workplace. Change is a great challenge and probably very good for our growth, personal development and even our brains, but it can be tricky. Especially if you’ve moved somewhere new on your own, or if you’re a busy parent with not a lot of time to find out what’s what after a long day at work and some quality time with your little ones. So we decided to put together a few resources to help Russians find their feet in Ireland, either for a holiday or a permanent move.

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Russian Ireland

Russian Ireland is a great website dedicated to news for Russians based in Ireland. They cover everything from general news, culture and community development to details and news of Russians in Ireland. They also produced a book, called Russians in Ireland. The book tells the story of the Russian-speaking community of Ireland, as well as the links, historical and current, between Ireland and Russia, which have developed rapidly in recent years and have the potential to become even stronger in the future.

Russian Radio

Russian Radio offer podcasts and live news in Ireland and UK for Russian Speakers. Listening to English all day and speaking it, as a second language, can be tiring. At the end of a day, it might be nice and a comfort to listen to the sounds and voices of home to get you feeling ready and relaxed for the next day.

Russian Embassy in Ireland

The Russian Embassy act as a liaison between Ireland and Russia and part of their work is to create relationships between the two countries and to help people in Ireland travelling to Russia to get visas etc. sorted out. Online, they also publish news related to these topics from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It can be a good way to stay up to date with news and developments that relate to your new life here, as well as your home country.

Intercultural Organisations

There a number of organisations and societies in Ireland that represent foreign cultures and their people, now living here as a way for people to mix, form new bonds of friendship, or indeed work contacts, and learn from each other how to make the best of the many things we can learn from each other. They can also be a way to find out about great new foods and restaurants you’ve never tried, artists and musicians you’ve never heard of and people to share stories of home, and sometimes homesickness with.

Extra resources

You’ll find plenty more similar resources on the Life in Ireland page on the website of  translation services agency Instant Translation. Find out more about work and business in Ireland, Education and Youth Services, Shopping and Eating Out and more. If you have specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below in case we can help. And if you’re looking for certified translation services or a professional interpreter, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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