Asia Business Week Dublin 4-6 June 2014

This coming week sees ‘Asia Business Week Dublin’ happening in Dublin city. The event is a joint initiative of Asia Matters and Dublin City Council and will take place in The Round Room at The Mansion House.

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The three day conference will be a C-Summit style event focusing on how Ireland can increase business with Asian countries and will include the launch of commissioned economic research, outlining the best ways to drive Ireland’s strategic focus to unlock further employment growth from trade with Asia in sectors where Ireland has core expertise.

As economic realities change, Asia’s potential for Ireland becomes more evident. The changing infrastructure in high growth economies in Asia and Ireland’s relative recovery, present a unique setting for Irish and Asian business leaders and policy makers. Asia Business Week Dublin will provide platforms for to help in building relationships and give an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in Ireland-Asia business relations.

The events will bring together experts and thought leaders from key sectors for Irelands engagement from Asia including Financial and Professional Services, Education, Tourism, Food and Agribusiness and Information Communication Technology. Political and business leaders and CEOs from top Irish and Asian companies have also been invited to take part in activities and present throughout the week.

In addition, the week will bring together innovative Irish companies and professionals looking to break into the Asian market. The events will feature valuable insights from the Irish success stories in Asia, as well as featuring those Asian stakeholders investing in Irelands recovery.


Key Events

·      4 June 2014: The Dublin Beijing Business Summit Dublin – Twin Cities, Exploring Business Partnership Opportunities

·      5 June 2014: The Asia Ireland Trade & Investment Summit – New Asia Realities for Ireland: Strategies, Market Opportunities and Challenges in a  

       Changing Business Landscape

·      5 June 2014: The Asia Matters Economic Innovation Award Dinner

·      6 June 2014:  The Fourth EU Asia Top Economist Round Table – Changing Priorities in EU-Asia Business Relations

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