Individually Tailored Belarusian<>English<>Russian Translation and Interpreting Services

Do you have an unconventional project which involves communicating your ideas in Belarusin or Russian?

In my twenty-year long interpreting experience I have worked on a diverse range of projects with a variety of clients. From putting on a pair of overalls and helping Russian state veterinary inspectors to select the best pedigree boars and sows at Kilkenny farms to riding in a car with a walkie-talkie in my hands next to a high-class driving instructor from AUDI while he is giving advanced safety lessons to very demanding premium customers at a racetrack in Mondello Park. It seems to me, I have done it all. The most unconventional projects always remain my favourite.

Tullamore, 2018

Assisting a Russian crew with shooting a commercial at Tullamore whiskey distillery

Dundalk Institute of Technology, 2012

Visiting a wind turbine with the academics from Samara Aerospace University 

Kilkenny, 2009

At Hermitage Genetics with a Ukrainian veterinary inspector

Is your presentation intended for a narrow group of highly specialized experts?

I do enjoy assisting specialists in their collaborative efforts with foreign colleagues. While preparing for interpreting at investigators’ meetings for instance I do spend days researching the subject and learning the relevant terminology to make sure I speak the same lingo as the audience.

To date I have interpreted at clinical trials dedicated to the following research: multiple sclerosis, (non-squamous) small cell lung cancer, mucopolysaccharidosis, relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma, myelofibrosis, polycythemia vera, Crohn’s disease, spinal muscular atrophy, prostate cancer, COVID19, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, serious infections, schizophrenia and  schizoaffective disorder, atopic dermatitis, migraine in patients with major depressive disorder, ulcerative colitis, neuroscience (lower limb spasticity), rheumatoid arthritis, acute autoimmune vasculitis, multiple sclerosis, urothelial cancer, short bowel syndrome, etc.

Rome, 2007

Simultaneous interpreting for Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals 

Krakow, 2019

With my amazing interpreting partner at the clinical trial investigators’ meeting dedicated to small cell lung  cancer

Dublin, 2013

Interpreting for the Russian physicists at Nano Forum

Are you thinking of expanding your business and connecting with the Belarusian or Russian speaking audience?
Will you be managing workers in Russian?
Are you nervous about not being able to connect with people?

I do enjoy the challenge of conveying the subtleties of the English <> Belarusian/Russian language translation in various scenarios. Be it a meeting of the Board of Directors of a large cargo airline, addressing the staff of the international company with the new policy or finding the way to do business and registering a company in a foreign country. I understand that my work is not only about knowing the right words but helping my clients to establish lasting working relations or reliable partnerships. 


Is your document too big for that tight deadline?

My experienced colleagues will be more than happy to help with a challenging task. I have been managing big translation projects in my agency before and we never missed a deadline.

Do you need help with transcreation rather than with the translation?

These days marketing departments need translators who can help them replicate their marketing ideas not only in a different language but in a different culture with the same effect as in the original language. Word for word translation is not what they are looking for. With my inclination towards writing, I find such projects not just creative but also stimulating. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


On my recent job in Ireland I collaborated with a fantastic tour guide Frances Bonner. We travelled throughout half of Ireland with the museum workers from Moscow Kremlin museums. The idea was born to continue our cooperation in the future. If you are plannig a trip to the emerald island why not book an authentic Irish guide with the Belarusian or Russian interpreting services?

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Professional Translator of Russian and English, Conference Interpreter
“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.”
George Steiner
Tatiana Kovalenko