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International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September on the feast day of St. Jerome, the first translator of the Bible into Latin. St. Jerome is  considered to be the patron saint of all translators. In this photo I am receiving blessings in the Monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome in Lisbon, Portugal.

Professional Translation Services

No one will read your texts more carefully than a translator. Translation work requires not just excellent command of the English and Belarusian, Russian languages, knowledge of cultures of the Belarusian, Russian and English speakers, but also a certain amount of scrutiny, accuracy, and experience. With the advance of new technologies professional translators increase their turnaround time and ensure consistency when translating industry specific terminology.

My services also include certified translation from Belarusian and Russian to English and from English to Belarusian and Russian. I provide translation of documents of various content, formats, and complexity. Twenty years of work as a professional translator of the Russian and Belarusian languages and ITIA certified legal translator has resulted in a good arsenal of translation resources including specialized dictionaries, my own glossaries, templates and translation memories, and access to professional translators’ forums and communities.

The translator is the author’s accomplice.

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Why buy translation services from me?


Methodical approach

I follow an established process which ensures excellent results in my Belarusian/Russian text translation work: assessment of the order and turnaround time, research of the terminology and subject-matter, creation of a glossary, translation with the use of translation memory, proofreading. These steps work perfectly with each translation order.


Up to date

I use professional Belarusian/Russian translation services’  technologies that allow me to work with documents of various formats, help me to achieve consistency in translating terminology, ensure high quality and accuracy, save time on editing, reduce costs for you and time to market of your product.


Fast and reliable

Gone are the times when 4-5 pages per day was a standard for a professional translator. Nowadays experienced translators, who have built up impressive translation memories and glossaries in their CAT tools, can reduce the turnaround time many-fold for their return customers.


Guaranteed quality

I create a glossary for each big translation project in my CAT. The use of a glossary ensures consistency in translating terminology.  As a result, high quality of each translation is guaranteed.


Saving money

By using CAT tools I am able to give you big discounts on matches and repetitions in the text. The more translations you do with me, the bigger the translation memory file for your company becomes. It allows you to save up to 75% on future translations.



Your information is safe with me. From the moment of placing an order I will be bound by the confidentiality clause (section 5.1.1 of the Terms and Conditions).

Are you confused about translation terminology? Here is some brief explanation.

What is CAT?

 CAT stands for computer-assisted translation tool. I use several CATs, one of them is SDL Trados Studio which helps me increase productivity and produce accurate translations.

What is machine translation?

Machine translation is automatic translation produced without human input. It is often of poor quality as a machine is not fully able to understand the subtleties or contexts of language. As a result, the accuracy isn’t as good as a translation by a person, let alone a professional translator.

What is translation memory?

Translation memory is a depositary of various translated segments done by the translator in the past. The translation memory in a CAT tool checks to see whether any of the content has been translated before and looks for identical matches or “fuzzy matches” (similar, but not exact matches) that appear in the new file. By using a translation memory, I am able to give you discounts on matches and repetitions in the text.

What is a glossary?

Glossary is a set of industry-specific terms that a translator has compiled through the time while working for a specific client or in a particular sector. The use of a glossary ensures high quality of the translation and consistency in the entire text by harmonizing the terms in the translation order.

Legal Translations

Technical Translations

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

Website Translation

Financial Translations

Business Translations

Get professional help with the following types of translations

Translation of legal documents

As a certified legal translator with a BA in International Law and many years of experience of working for Irish courts, solicitors and law firms, I provide accurate high-quality legal translations. I have to ensure that there is no ambiguity in the target language as getting the translation of a legal document wrong can cause confusion and a huge cost.

What legal document translations can I offer?

  • translations of litigation documents (judgments and court decisions, expert opinions, requests, claims and complaints, appeals)
  • translations of legal documents (affidavits, power of attorney, wills and testaments, customs clearance certificates)
  • translations of contracts and agreements (employment contracts, supply contracts, sales and purchase agreements, credit and bank contracts, service contracts, general terms and conditions, etc.)
  • translations of constituent documents, charters, memoranda, articles of association and other company formation documents, regulations, orders, company registration certificates, compliance documents, licenses, permits, administrative documentation, extracts from company registers
  • translations of legislation and regulatory acts, health and safety statements.

Translation of medical documents

Since 2016 I have been offering my services to various pharmaceutical companies facilitating GMP audits and assisting investigators from all over the world at clinical trials. I understand the importance of attention to detail and correct use of appropriate medical terminology.

I offer the following medical translation services, including in the pharmaceuticals industry and clinical trial documents:

  • translations of certificates of pharmaceutical products
  • translations of analytical procedure validation reports
  • translation of scientific papers, theses, conference materials, pharmaceutical training and reference materials
  • translations of patient information leaflets, preparation formulas, indications and contraindications for use, administration methods and doses, side effects, drug interactions, etc.
  • translations of clinical trial protocols, translations of clinical investigation brochures
  • translations of study management reports
  • translations informed consent forms, translation of patient information sheets
  • translation of case report forms, etc.

You can trust me with the translation of your medical records. I perform the following translations:

  • translations of medical reports (medical certificate, physician’s letters, professional medical advice)
  • translations of diagnostic results (blood tests, urine tests, swabs, coprogram, histology, microbiology, radiography, densitometry, ultrasound, echocardiography, CT, MRI and PET scans, tonography, etc.)
  • translations of prescriptions, translations of medical discharge reports (hospital release reports)
  • translations of patient cards, medical history and health insurance documents

You can be assured that all the industry-specific terminology will be rendered accurately and appropriately in the target language.

Translation of financial documents

I am familiar with accountancy terminology, financial market and investment jargon. I have performed translations of marketing materials, including translations of advertising brochures; press releases; translations of online advertisements; sales promotion materials, as well as translations of business plans; accounting records; translations of audit reports; translations of financial reports and financial planning documents; translations of conference and exhibition materials and datasheets; translations of financial statements and tax reports (declarations, VAT returns, income and corporate tax returns, translation of profit and loss accounts, translation of balance sheets, translation of the statement of cash flows, audit reports and other documents).

Translation of technical documents

However technical or specialised your text, you can be confident that every detail and nuance will be preserved.

I offer high quality translations of the following technical documentation: safety statements, translations of user manuals, repair guidelines, operating instructions, guides, work books, installation manuals, spot and technical catalogues, directories, data sheets, technical specifications, patents, software manuals, scientific materials, project feasibility studies and other technical documentation.

I have experience in translating for the following industries: electronics and automation, construction, motor vehicle industry, IT and software, railroad industry, engineering, machine tool industry, power engineering, etc.

Belarusian<>English<>Russian language translation of websites

If you are committed to communicate with Belarusian or Russian speaking clients, I can ensure that the content of your website supports your clients’ needs. As a native speaker of the Russian language with near native Belarusian and a person who was born and grew up the Russian speaking environment in Belarus, I understand the cultural norms and sensitivities of your customers.

Translation of business correspondence

I will be happy to assist you in communicating your message to your business partners and clients abroad. Any project, whether large or small, will be treated with the same meticulous care, with attention to every detail and cultural sensitivity. My business translation work portfolio includes a wide range of business and marketing materials, including advertising copy, press releases, brochures and questionnaires.


Your text might expand or constrict when translated into a foreign language. When ordering a translation from English into Belarusian or Russian be prepared that your translation will take up 15% more space. If you are ordering a translation from Belarusian or Russian into English, the text might contract by 5-15%.

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